The G of Peace

The G of Peace Journey

A Schodorf Documentary


Emmy Award winning director Brian Schodorf is working on a very exclusive documentary featuring our Street Reform Coach Harold “Noonie” Ward. Intrigued by his powerful story, Schodorf has already begun to piece together an entertaining recollection of the real gangster tails of Noonie G. Brian Schodorf is an Emmy winning television producer and director. His […]

A Presidential Love Story


Recently, Director Richard Tanne and team reached out to Noonie Ward for authentic consultation of his valuable memories of working with President Barack Obama as an organizer in Altgeld Gardens, Chicago, Il. Noonie’s recollections are helping to shape the creative documentation of the beginning of presidential love between Barack and Michelle Obama. Director Tanne’s movie, […]

Sean Hannity Interview


From the forgetten streets of “The Gardens” in southside Chicago, arises a story that the world will witness in amazement. How did Harold “Noonie” Ward make it out of such terminating conditions to be interview-worthy on an international platform? Noonie Ward has lived real street life and can give the world a perspective on Chicago […]

Noonie Organizes a Boycott of Walsh Construction Co.


In his heart-felt efforts to rejuvenate his neighborhood Altgeld Gardens (Chicago, IL), Harold “Noonie G” Ward becomes the voice of disenfranchised people. Noonie was call upon by Altgeld Garden residents to assist in demanding change of Chicago Housing Authority’s bidding process for contracts in public housing projects. June 24th, 2014 – Dozens of Altgeld Gardens […]

The G of Peace launches his official street reform campaign with star power.


If actions truly speak louder than words, the community development efforts of Harold “Noonie” Ward have been screaming positive volumes into his neighborhood; Altgeld Gardens. Now crowned “The G of Peace” by little ChiBlooded brother & unseen digital innovator Michael Logic™, Noonie is determined to produce real results for the citizens of Chicago. Many business […]